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Welcome to ZOOMLOCK

You’re likely here for one reason: you have a damaged cell phone or other electronic gadget. Luckily, ZOOMLOCK knows how to fix every electronic gadget under the sun. The best part is, all repairs are performed in-store and some can be done while you wait!

Come on down and visit us today – we’ll diagnose and repair your problem and have you back on your way in no time.


Store Hours & Location

2324 Grand Canal Blvd. Suite #7 Stockton, CA 95207

MONDAY:         11AM TO 7PM
TUESDAY:         4PM TO 7PM
FRIDAY:           11AM TO 7PM
SUNDAY:                  CLOSED

Cell Phone Repairs / iPhone Screen Repair

From replacing an antenna to board level component repair… ZOOMLOCK can tackle it all! Best iPhone Screen Repair in Stockton, Ca.


Maybe you set a lock code and forgot what it was. Other times you may need a procedure that will allow your GSM phone to be used on other networks – we can do that too…and it’s perfectly legal.


Load your phone with the latest firmware. Installation of this special software can provide improved performance, or load carrier specific parameters that allow access to enhanced features.

Data Transfers

Transfer data from one working device to another. Copy your pictures to a CD or memory stick. Print out a hard copy of your phonebook. Don’t let your contacts and memories get away from you.

Data Recovery & Erasures

Extracting valuable data from a device that is beyond repair or simply saving data that is more valuable than the phone itself! We understand how important your data is to you!

Spyware Detection And Deletion

Now more than ever, people have found ways to load software on your phone to listen to your conversations, read your texts, and even hear you talking without being on a call! We can detect and remove all spyware on any phone. Dont wait until its too late, if you suspect something is odd, DONT RISK IT! Come to the experts!

Liquid Damage Processing

A highly detailed process attempting to reverse the effects of liquid contamination in a phone. You know it’s bad when your hand-held electronics get wet – but all hope is not lost. Unplug it, take out the battery – and rush it to ZOOMLOCK. Leave it with us and within a reasonable amount of time we will do EVERYTHING we can to get it working. Come by or call for details.

Mail-In Repairs

Unable to make the drive to ZOOMLOCK? No worries…we have you covered! Just mail us your damaged phone(s) and we’ll repair it fast and ship it back to you. Click Here to get started. You wont even need to leave your home! We are Stockton iPhone Repair Specialists!


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